Today's challenges

Financing transactions is a big challenge. Over the last few years, we have seen an extremely difficult debt finance market. Structures have increased in complexity and timetables have contracted, as the providers of funding have attempted to gain an edge over the competition. Auction processes have become standard on private company acquisitions and public bids have more often than not become competitive.

However, the changing facilities on credit are challenging for those attempting to make and finance acquisitions.

The loss of confidence has impacted on all aspects of funding an acquisition.

This underwritten debt financing has become extremely difficult. Combined with the fact that the emerging Caribbean Single Market and Economy the challenge of creating a growing income stream from a sustainable market share becomes increasingly difficult as the need to produce innovative stand-out products increases. These pressures clearly work against each other and mean that any product provider needs to be on top of their regulatory game to be able to focus on providing innovative products in today's market.

How we can help

At MCKOY LAW, our banking and finance team can assist with the whole range of financing transactions and we place equal emphasis on our bank and borrower client base, bringing a balanced view to our transactions. We will work on the most complex deals in the tightest time-scales. In the current market, our ability to work closely across different disciplines is crucially important.

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